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Aluminium Secondary Glazing for Commercial & Domestic Customers, Shop Fronts & Curtain Walling

If replacement double glazing installation is not possible for your property, as perhaps you live in a conservation area, or in a listed building, there is another option. Secondary glazing offers many of the benefits of modern double glazing, such as higher insulation and a quieter environment, without the need to drastically change your windows. Some of the other advantages of using secondary glazing are:-

  • Significantly warmer and cosier surroundings are provided by this alternative to double glazing, which is one of the top reasons that people opt for secondary glazing. It also comes without compromising the look and character of the original windows which is always a bonus.
  • Less chance of damp, mould or condensation becoming a problem due to the added thermal nature of an extra layer of glass.
  • Those with secondary glazing will enjoy lower fuel bills too as heat is retained within the building.
  • Noise reduction is also a popular feature of secondary glazing, cutting out excess noise from traffic, aircraft and other noise pollution.
  • There is less rattling and vibrating, and dust and pollen are more easily prevented from entering the home.
  • Of course more heat retention means that the environmental impact of the home is reduced along with the carbon footprint. These factors are extremely attractive to prospective buyers, who may love the qualities of the house, but are not so happy about a draughty, cold living space.
  • Secondary glazing does not require extensive replacement work as with new window systems, making them very convenient. Aluminium supplementary units can be applied to the inside of your existing windows to exact specifications.
  • An additional pane of glass makes the windows more secure with an extra barrier.
  • When it comes to cost, they are significantly cheaper than a whole new window system.

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