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fcahp1Aluminium window frames are becoming ever more popular, and it’s little wonder when they have an abundance of advantages and benefits. One such factor being their superb strength, and it’s essential these days that we have high quality products which are actually going to last!

One can have great confidence in aluminium double glazed window frames. Not only are they even more efficient at keeping in that warm air – that we all undoubtedly need with the unpredictable British weather! – but they are incredibly versatile and tough. Aluminium window frames are flexible enough to be worked into very slim frames – not a feature you could expect from regular wooden frames. This means they can be manufactured to fit all kinds of spaces whilst maintaining a modern and minimalistic appearance.

More importantly, aluminium double glazed windows are super durable; they have great resistance to rust and other forms of distortion and wear. The solid surface of the aluminium defends against weathering and even denting, so you can keep them looking sleek and new with the smallest amount of maintenance! With the recent introduction of Polyamide, the strength of aluminium window frames has vastly improved even further! Polyamide is a ‘polymer’ often used in the production of automotives, textiles and sportswear for it’s supreme durability and toughness – so imagine what it can do for your window frames.

First Choice Aluminium H&P are a well established business in the aluminium double glazing industry, operating across the North West. We specialise in installing double glazing as well as curtain walling and shop fronts. First Choice Aluminium H&P are a well trusted and professional company, and you can confidently approach us for any double glazing information and advice.

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