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curtain walling 2Curtain walling is an acknowledged star in the world of construction, and represents one of the greatest feats of engineering ever. It looks incredibly impressive, which is why it features in architectural structures commissioned by some of the world’s most successful companies. It also has to satisfy a host of requirements both practical and aesthetic.

Two contenders for the oldest glass curtain walling are based in Liverpool, UK. The creations of architect Peter Ellis, Oriel Chambers and 16 Cook Street are rare, early examples of curtain walling, [some say the first!]. Oriel Chambers was built in 1864 and 16 Cook Street two years later, both displaying substantial amounts of stonework surrounding the historic glazing giving a slightly Gothic feel. This form of construction formed a breakthrough in architecture, as people were struck by the amount of light which was able to penetrate the interior, compared to nearby buildings. A design incorporating floor to ceiling glass facilitated this effect and had a highly contemporary, stylish appeal. Hidden away at the rear of 16 Cook Street, is an attractive enclosed spiral staircase almost entirely clad in glass with extremely slim cast iron mullions

Exceptionally functional, good quality, modern aluminium curtain walling systems used for office blocks, hospitals, schools and shops, must perform to the highest standards. The demands made on these widely used glazing systems mean they have to:-

  • Allow optimum light to enter a building, sometimes controlled by the occupants.
  • Provide more than adequate weather protection even in extreme conditions.
  • Effortlessly cope with wind pressure, wind and seismic induced building sway.
  • Have the strength to support any possible loads placed upon them.

These are just a few of the requirements, as there are several other considerations which make aluminium curtain walling a ground breaking concept in architectural design. Architects now favour curtain walling because it allows such flexibility in design, and its versatility includes a range of smart and attractive colour options. Call us at First Choice Aluminium H&P on 0161 678 9144 to discuss our range of domestic or commercial aluminium curtain walling.

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