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The concept of self build is fast becoming a major feature of the property market, with thousands of people throughout the UK waiting to begin their exciting self build projects. The UK government is committed to promoting and encouraging this practice, and the Housing Minister recently announced the release of four new sites targeted for self build properties. These sites consist of 70 plots which are suitable for self building, and will add to the 130 plots nationwide already made available for this process.

Self build is seen as an extremely beneficial step by businesses and the community in general, helped by government moves involving promotion and finance. The UK have lagged behind somewhat in this area, which is prevalent in other European countries such as Austria, which has around 80% self build properties. There are increasing improvements though with 1 in 10 homes now being self built in the UK. The prospects for building related industries, companies and professionals within the UK are excellent, and a much needed boost to the economy is likely as more people choose to build their own homes.


Tradesmen and businesses positively affected by these changes include, architects, designers, builders, landscapers, roofers, decorators, plasterers, plumbers, electricians and heating engineers. With a variety of websites and organisations aimed at assisting prospective self builders there is growing confidence amongst the public and professionals alike. Advice and anecdotal evidence produced by others who have already designed and built their own homes is abundant leading to self build becoming a viable option.

Housing Minister Kris Hopkins, encouraged smaller developers to seize the business opportunity of this untapped market. This formed part of his speech at the Federation of Master Builders summit, organised jointly with the National Self Build Association,


With a self build project, people are able to consider incorporating technologies, materials and features that would not easily be found in existing homes, giving them a fundamentally tailored property. Self builders have often concentrated on aspects such as creating a green home, reducing energy consumption and eventually lowering bills. Materials can be used which are functional, attractive and ultimately eco-friendly, giving your new home individuality and flare. Aluminium is a perfect example of such a material, as it is not only extremely versatile but completely recyclable, making it an eco-friendly product. Aluminium double glazing is fast becoming the product of choice for many homeowners, due to its superb strength offering flexibility of design. The streamline chic look of aluminium double glazing along with its thermal capacities make it a popular option. A range of distinctive RAL and BS colours are available in aluminium window profiles, providing an exquisite bespoke effect.


Companies which specialise in aluminium double glazed window systems, like First Choice Aluminium H&P, are the best places to start your enquiries. First Choice Aluminium H&P operate across the North West, UK, and have an in depth knowledge of aluminium used in window profiles sliding folding doors and curtain walling for domestic, commercial, office and industrial customers.

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