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fcahpWith the current growing excitement about self build homes, many glazing companies are experiencing a surge in customer enquiries, and First Choice Aluminium H & P are no exception. Self build has received a substantial amount of encouragement from the government, who have allocated funds and removed certain restrictions in this area. The UK has the lowest level of self build homes in the whole of Europe, with more than 80% of homes in Austria and over 50% in Germany and Belgium are self build.


As many people are discovering, there are a great deal of advantages to building your own home. Once the decision has been made to self build your home, and a plot of land has been identified and secured, you can get on with the task of creating your perfect home, or as near to it as possible. There is so much advice to be found about building your own home, from people who have been there and have never looked back. There are pros and cons with everything, but one of the main pros with self build is that you can customise your home. Obviously you will not be able to design something too outlandish, like a home in the shape of a liquorice allsort, but there is the freedom of installing eco-friendly features like water saving kitchen and bathroom technology. You can include things like solar panels and green heating and cooling systems like air source heat pumps. You can choose the inside and outside look of your new home with unique and attractive additions and décor. A stunning impact can be attained with the installation of aluminium window systems, which not only look amazing, but are highly versatile.

Aluminium double glazing has become increasingly popular in the domestic setting, due to its pleasing, sophisticated appearance and durable properties. Aluminium can be endlessly manipulated and moulded to give a slimline, unusual or unique shape without compromising strength, and can bring a chic dynamic to any home. Aluminium secondary double glazing is often used in older or protected properties where traditional double glazing is prohibited, keeping these buildings warm and dry. Aluminium also boasts staggering thermal properties, ensuring a comfortable home and lower fuel bills. A highly recyclable material aluminium contributes to the reduction of global warming.


First Choice Aluminium H & P Ltd offer bespoke aluminium profiles for windows, bi-fold, sliding folding doors, conservatories and roof lites, which give a beautiful yet practical glazing solution in Blackburn, Burnley and Preston. Our maintenance free windows and multi-fold doors can be tailored to any colour scheme, with a selection of smart RAL and BS colours.

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