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Aluminium Double Glazing Practical & Eco Friendly.

Aluminium is a winning material when it comes to green issues as it can be indefinitely recycled, is easily extracted, strong, long lasting and extremely malleable. These are just a few of the benefits of this metal which is mined from near the surface of the earth’s crust so extraction causes minimal damage to the environment. It is estimated that there are 663 million tonnes of Aluminium being used globally in building construction, electronics, aircraft components and consumer products.

Aluminium was first discovered in 1857 in the form of Bauxite from which aluminium metal is produced and is one of the most eco – friendly materials around. As such it is an ideal base metal for use in the production of double glazing frames and particularly secondary double glazing as it is strong and can be designed to be slimline. It is widely used in the manufacture of windows and sliding folding or bi-fold doors for commercial structures such as shop fronts and offices. In showrooms, hospitals and other establishments it is ideal used as curtain walling. Aluminium is becoming extremely popular with home owners when choosing double glazing or replacement windows. FCAHP specialise in the manufacture, supply & fit of highest quality aluminium double glazed windows, doors, secondary double glazing and conservatories for domestic or commercial applications across the North West.  Why not take a look at our impressive website which has an excellent  projects page detailing some of our work. For more information or a quote call on :- 0161 678 9144

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