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The long awaited government announcement concerning new building regulations related to energy efficiency has finally arrived. Changes to Part L of the building regulations have established that new build homes will have to be 6 % more efficient than currently. Although an improvement, this figure still falls short of original plans to attempt to raise standards to 8 %, thus reducing carbon emissions. A 9 % rise in efficiency standards is proposed for non-domestic buildings, although this figure was intended to be 20 %, when discussed during the consultation in April last year. Plus rather than being introduced as intended in October 2013, the regulations will now come into force in April 2014.These changes are hoped to deliver savings of £16m to businesses, while reducing their carbon footprint. Baroness Hanham stated in writing in the House of Lords that these measures were a ‘step towards our zero carbon ambitions’. She also went on to comment that the figures were arrived at taking into account, striking a balance between emission reduction and growth in consumer and business activity.

The government also plans to introduce a ‘fabric energy target’ which has widespread support within industry.


When considering how to lower the carbon footprint of your home, office or commercial premises, aluminium is a great option. This material is highly versatile, malleable yet strong and corrosion resistant. First Choice Aluminium H&P [FCAHP] are specialists in installing smart, long lasting aluminium double glazing in homes, offices and shops. Aluminium is recyclable and can be reused over and over, making it an extremely eco friendly alternative to many other materials used within building. Aluminium double glazed shop fronts provided by FCAHP give a spectacular edge to any property. Curtain walling for your business premises can create a stunning first impression, and FCAHP have also completed successful projects for schools, industrial units, hospitals, showrooms and care homes to name but a few.

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