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While aluminium shop fronts are the way to go for any high street business wanting to attract customers, there are lots of exciting innovations happening in this area. Technical window displays are becoming increasingly popular with retailers, giving them an additional edge. Advanced digital displays are everywhere and are probably taken for granted a lot of the time. Digital signage can lure customers into shops, where they may have walked past, and improve their experience of shopping.

The latest marketing techniques are being utilised by savvy retailers, adding interest to their stores. Window displays in years gone by were typically static even if aesthetically pleasing and vibrant. Nowadays interactive displays are grabbing the attention and engaging shoppers, before they even enter the shop.

It’s a fact that interactive retail displays create an impact with customers, allowing loyalty and brand confidence to grow. Memories are formed about the store and goods on offer where this type of technology is present. Fun and entertainment are big factors within interaction, and people seem to enjoy this kind of activity. It also emphasises in the mind that shopping is meant to be fun as opposed to a tedious chore.

Nike had an impressive interactive window display at the Selfridges store in London, which perfectly captured the attention of the public. While walking past the store, customers were invited to position themselves at a spot on the pavement and jump as high as possible. This was then recorded and the height of their jump electronically measured and displayed. A photo of their efforts was displayed also in the shop window gallery.

Eight different interactive windows were designed and created for Nike at Selfridges by Dutch creative agency Staat. Kinect provided the technology, which was displayed around the time of the 2012 Olympics, so physical activity was very appropriate.

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