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Secondary Double Glazing

We enjoy a high level of demand for secondary double glazing. Secondary double glazing offers a number of benefits, including:-

Insulation Efficiency

Secondary Double GlazingSecondary double glazing can provide a significant improvement in the thermal efficiency of windows and doors. Cold spots in a room can be eliminated and the heating costs of offices, public and other buildings can be reduced.

The harmful effects of UV radiation can also be reduced whilst letting in solar heat. We can also adhere specialist films to the glass to further improve thermal insulation whilst adding to the security of the premises.

External Noise Reduction

Our secondary double glazing reduces the effects of external noise. This can improve the working environment in built up locations such as town centre offices.

Practical, Attractive Designs

Our product utilises slim, strong, discreet aluminium frames with a tough, durable, polyester paint finish.
Window styles include Lift Outs, Hinged Units, Vertical Sliders and Horizontal Sliders.

To find out how secondary double glazing can benefit your premises, please call us for a no obligation site survey and quotation on 0161 678 9144.

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