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SM Garden Sheds would like to thank our friends and web partners at First Choice Aluminium H & P for inviting us onto their website to promote ourselves and our products. have been supplying and delivering top quality garden storage products to every corner of the British Isles for 30 years.

Sheds, Garages, Workshops, Bike Stores and Garden Furniture

SM Garden Sheds offers an incredible choice of timber, metal and plastic sheds, garages and workshops. Our purposefully designed storage units come in every size and style. With one eye on quality and a second on price, can meet every garden storage need.

Product Focus – Asgard Metal Garden Sheds

Take, for example, the Asgard range of metal storage units. From small and purpose-built storage units to specialist bike stores and on to a full range of metal garden sheds, Asgard have a reputation for build quality and security that is second to none.

When choosing a metal garden shed it is always worth looking at quality: the thickness of the metal; the joins; the finish and the locking mechanisms. Asgard scores well according to every criteria and has a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing finish.

Weather Proof Finish, Integral Metal Base and Air Vents

Asgard Garden Metal Sheds are made of thick steel, coated with weather proof polyester paint. Door joints are silicone sealed with an integral rain guard to prevent water penetrating the joints. An integral metal base is both an important security feature and prevents water seepage into the shed. A series of discrete vents in the underside of the roof eliminates condensation meaning the Asgard metal garden shed is amongst the lowest maintenance and longest lasting sheds available on the market today.

Bike Store & Sheds – High Security and Anti-Picking Locking System

Because of their integrated security features, Asgard Storage Units are regularly chosen by schools, colleges and outdoor contractors for storing valuable equipment.

All screws and fixings are inside the unit with no outside access.
Three reinforced locking points and integral drill and pick resistant locking systems that are approved by the UK Locksmiths Association
make this a highly secure product. Don’t tell the neighbours but
burglars will recognise the inherent difficulty in gaining access to an Asgard Metal Shed and will move on to easier picking elsewhere.

Another useful security feature is the inclusion of an interior thumb lock opening mechanism meaning that any inside the shed can open the door, even if it is locked from the outside.

Metal Sheds – Ease of Assembly

Consistent customer feedback is that Asgard Metal Sheds are simple to assemble. There are no sharp edges and all screw holes line up perfectly – not always the case with cheaper brands. Having said that, a second pair of hands is advised in the assembly of Asgard Metal Garden Sheds, Bike Shed and Storage Units as the solid build of the metal walls, roof and floor can be tricky for one person to manoeuvre. There are also quite a few screws so an electric screwdriver is also recommended.

Installation and Delivery

Delivery is free to most areas of the UK. SM Garden Sheds also offer an affordable installation service for all products. Further information on installation can be found HERE.

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