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Like everything, windows and doors will suffer the ravages of age and become less efficient and functional over time. The better the quality, the longer they will last, bringing warmth and energy efficiency to your home. There may come a time when you can’t ignore the signs that your windows need replacing any longer. Double glazing that isn’t working to its maximum ability can end up costing you money in fuel bills etc. Plus your home is likely to be colder, draughtier and noisier.

Many home owners are choosing aluminium double glazing these days, for a number of reasons. Aluminium systems used to be seen mainly in commercial applications, giving businesses a professional aesthetic. The domestic market has seen unprecedented growth in demand for aluminium thanks to its versatility and strength. These windows are frequently specified for new builds, as they offer an attractive and tailored aesthetic.

Signs that your windows need replacing include:-

Feeling Draughts

If you have noticed you are feeling draughts when standing near the windows, you should start thinking about whether to replace them. Air getting in through windows when they are closed is a definite indication that they are failing. If your windows are single glazed, consider upgrading to double glazed, you will notice a big difference.

Cracking or Breaking Frames

This sort of damage will only get worse if left, and is particularly a problem with timber frames if not maintained. Once your windows have reached this state, they will not be protecting you and your home from the elements. Your home could suffer damp and mould which can also extend to décor and furnishings.


One tell-tale sign caused by failing double glazing is condensation! When it has formed between two panes of glass, you know the glazing has failed and must be replaced. If the condensation is on the inside surface of the window only, it is likely to be due to inadequate ventilation.

Make sure your replacement window installer is reputable, and uses high performance double glazing from specialists like First Choice H&P. This way you can be sure of getting functional, long lasting, bespoke window systems that will last.


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