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6 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Commercial Windows

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If there is one stand out window material that gives any business premises that stylish, professional edge, it’s aluminium. Aluminium is even found more often within residential design, and especially desirable for new properties. Commercial windows and doors are seen as essential for communicating success and a businesslike approach. Within glazing, aluminium has so many benefits, it isn’t difficult to see why it is the top choice throughout the commercial sector.

Some of the many reasons to choose aluminium windows for your business or organisation include : –


1. Impressive Contemporary Style

If you have ever been struck by how aesthetically attractive a store front or the windows of a new build are, you can bet they are aluminium. City centres in places like Manchester, Liverpool and London are full of businesses all competing with each other. An awe inspiring building is one of the most effective ways to get ahead in this competitive arena. Sleek, minimalist aluminium window systems play a major role here, and also build customer confidence.

2. Strength and Versatility

Aluminium can deliver an incredibly tailored result, due to its strength to weight ratio. This allows sturdy support of wide expanses of glass, even by extremely thin frames. Unusual or awkward shapes are also not a problem with this versatile material.

3. Bespoke Colours

Beautiful powder coated finishes in around 150 choices, are exclusive to aluminium profiles and give long lasting effects. Vibrant shade options cater to every taste, and will suit any business logo colour.

4. Energy Efficient

When installed by experts like First Choice Aluminium H&P, aluminium windows offer high performance thermal properties. This money saving advantage is partly due to our windows featuring an insulating polyamide thermal break.

5. Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium will never rust, and will not split, rot or swell, so is ideal for a host of applications, and exceptionally low maintenance.

6. Sustainable Material

Another great thing about aluminium is that it is 100% recyclable, so you can be sure of a reduction in the size of your properties carbon footprint.


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