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Aluminium Shop FrontsAs more and more people start to venture out, most are heading for the shops! Wardrobes need replenishing, along with everything else we’ve had trouble getting hold of. Many people have been mending and making do, so it’s nice to finally browse the aisles, even if we can’t yet use the changing rooms. From the point of view of shop owners, it’s a relief to welcome customers back into stores all over the UK.

Competition to attract customers will be fierce, as companies endeavour to recover lost revenue. Several stores have given their shop fronts a complete make over, knowing how important first impressions are. Many have added some sort of built in covering, particularly restaurants, cafés and bars. This protects customers from the weather especially if they are seated outside. Some handy hints to keep your shop front looking clean and tip top include:

High quality windows and doors

This is probably the number one requirement of a shop front. Aluminium windows and doors such as the products we offer, just scream out exceptional quality. They can be tailored to perfectly suit your business and come in colours to match your company logo. The better the quality, the easier they are to keep clean and beautiful.

Keep walls clean

Scuffs and dirty splash marks are the kiss of death for a business, they indicate a lax approach, which could be reflected in the services. Keeping shelves, floors and display areas clean is important too.

Clean Exteriors

The exterior of the shop needs to be pristine also, no matter what the adjoining businesses are like. This is especially true if your products are to be consumed. Attend to chipped or peeling paint, and brush and wash the pavement.


Lastly, a cluttered untidy shop floor will give the wrong impression, and send customers away. An organised and attractive space will have the opposite effect. It could be hazardous too, if there are awkwardly placed items that customers and staff could trip over.


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