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According to Alupro [an industry funded, not-for-profit organisation representing the UK’s aluminium packaging industry], 2020 saw outstanding levels of aluminium recycling. When the Environment Agency reported their findings in early January, it showed that 145,035 tonnes of aluminium packaging was recycled in the UK in 2020. The National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD), confirmed that this showed an increase of 24% compared to the data from 2019.

Recycling in the UK in general has escalated in recent years, but aluminium has excelled, demonstrating a definite and encouraging commitment towards sustainability. Executive director at Alupro, Rick Hindley, commented: “Such an impressive increase is not only a direct impact of COVID-19 and the resulting national lockdowns, but also suggests increased public awareness about the widespread benefits of best practice aluminium recycling.

“Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have continued to run our highly successful ‘MetalMatters’ and ‘Every Can Counts’ behavioural change programmes across multiple locations nationwide. “Both have proven instrumental in engaging with householders about how quick, simple and beneficial it is to recycle aluminium packaging”. He also expressed the hope that as people return to work and school, the trend would continue, helping to achieve 100 percent recycling

Industry experts predict that demand for aluminium in Europe could grow to around 18 million tonnes by 2050. High demand is expected within the automotive, packaging and construction sectors. Vehicle manufacturers are looking for ways to lighten the weight of their products, and a major focus of the construction industry is energy efficient buildings.

At First Choice Aluminium H&P, we appreciate the impressive qualities of aluminium such as its strength, versatility and lightweight nature. We love the way this amazing material can be transformed into the most stunning yet robust structures. If you’re not convinced, take a look at our range of aluminium windows and doors, we guarantee you’ll like what you see!.

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