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Aluminium Eco-Friendly & Recyclable

When it comes to eco-friendly recyclable materials it is hard to beat aluminium with its ability to be versatile, durable and re-usable. When first discovered in 1857 aluminium attracted the attention of Charles Dickens who stated that he believed it would have an outstanding future, although it is only in the last 100 years that aluminium has really taken off.

Aluminium Eco-Friendly & Recyclable With the worldwide concern about ecologically friendly issues and responsible use of resources, aluminium is a hands down winner.

Aluminium is extracted from a mineral called Bauxite which is the third most abundant material in the world. Mining aluminium causes minimal disruption to the environment as it is found near the surface, so areas can return to their former state and in some cases even an improved state.

Aluminium – Urban Mines

Aluminium can sustain its useful life for over 60 years, then it can be recycled indefinitely whilst retaining its qualities. Buildings today containing quantities of aluminium have been called ‘Urban Mines’ holding an estimated 400 million tonnes of aluminium metal. This metal can be extracted and reused in its existing state or re-processed over and over again by future generations.

Worldwide, aluminium in all of its forms constitutes around 120 to 200 KG per person, making the recycling of this material one of the most effective processes in the quest for a greener environment. The benefits of recycling aluminium are far reaching, having a positive impact on energy efficiency in every situation, whether domestic or commercial.

Aluminium – Strong but Lightweight

Aluminium Eco-Friendly & Recyclable Extracted Aluminium is virtually 100% recyclable and forms a store or ‘bank’ which is always present for utilisation by society in years to come. We currently add around 40 million tonnes of newly produced aluminium to this ‘bank’ annually, added to the 40 million tonnes of recycled aluminium.

An estimated 663 million tonnes of aluminium is in use globally in a host of situations including construction, electronics and consumer products. Its strong but lightweight characteristics make it ideal for use within the manufacture of aircraft components, lightweight vehicles and ladders.

Aluminium used for double glazed replacement window frames

Aluminium is corrosion resistant and easy to manipulate and mould, establishing it as a perfect material in the manufacture of double glazing. Frames can be coloured using powder coating in a vast range of RAL or BS shades. Aluminium is becoming a popular choice when constructing windows, doors and other specifications for hospitals, schools, care homes, offices, superstores and increasingly homes. Due to its inherent strength aluminium can be slim and compact which is especially suitable when applied to secondary double glazing.

De-constructible Aluminium

Aluminium is completely de-constructible and can be broken down easily allowing separation of any elements such as thermal breaks, hardware, screws, powder coatings and any other unwanted matter.

When the aluminium is heated to melting point, the heavier waste sinks while the lighter debris rises up to float on the surface facilitating swift removal. Any gases released are burned, preventing toxic waste release into the environment. This ability to be separated and re-used is a requirement of many modern substances due to a heightened awareness of green issues. No other material demonstrates the advantages of this capability better than aluminium.

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