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aluminium productionAluminium is produced in many countries, some producing more than others.

The world’s largest producer of aluminium is China, where 37 million metric tons was produced in 2020. China’s government has been trying to reduce its aluminium production in the face of environmental and overproduction issues. Even so China is still the world’s leading producer of aluminium.


Another large Asian aluminium producer, in 2020 India produced 3.6 million metric tons of aluminium. India has a high demand for aluminium due to its power, consumer goods, transportation and construction sectors.


The third largest global producer of aluminium is Russia creating 3.6 million metric tons in 2020. Moscow based RUSAL, is the largest aluminium company in the country, and in 2022, it ceased importation of alumina from Ukraine after Russian troops invaded. Economic sanctions were imposed on Russia by many nations, which is likely to affect their aluminium production and exportation.


Canada produced 3.11 million metric tons of aluminium in 2020, and it achieves pretty low carbon production of aluminium thanks to clever technology and hydroelectricity.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) produced around 2.67 million metric tons of aluminium in 2020, most of which it exports.


Australia produced 1.6 million tons of aluminium in 2020. Being located near to the coastline allows Australian smelters to access electricity and trade routes to export the finished product.

This island nation produced 1.5 million tons, supplying nearby markets like those in the Middle East, North America and Europe.

Norway has an extremely energy efficient aluminium production process, creating 1.4 million tons of aluminium in 2020. Manufacturers stabilise temperatures using electrolytic cells in electrolytic baths. This reduces the amount of electricity needed to make aluminium.

The USA produced 1.1 million metric tons of aluminium in 2020 for American manufacturing and for exporting.

Finally Iceland produces over 840,000 metric tons of the material per year. Electricity is cheaper in Iceland, as the nation uses dams that harness glacial meltwater’s power.


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