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As people approach your home, one of the first things they see is the front door, giving you the perfect opportunity to create a lasting first impression. A stunning exterior door will draw the eye, before windows, colour of the walls or other features. It’s simple these days to choose from a vast range of door styles, designs, colours, specifications and materials. Whether you prefer a traditional or vintage feel or love a dynamic contemporary feel, there is the ideal door for you.

Your new door can compliment the rest of the home, or provide an interesting contrast, it’s up to you. You may need a door that fits in perfectly with surrounding properties, or alternatively something which demonstrates your individuality. Not only does an attractive front door bring pleasure on a daily basis, but will play a major role should you decide to sell your home. Of course your door can’t sell your home by itself, but will definitely enhance the overall façade and maybe elevate the price.

Exterior doors have two main functions, to allow some people in while keeping others out! A high quality door will not only welcome visitors, but is likely to repel burglars. A flimsy or old door may represent an easy target and encourage thieves. Innovative products such as the Smart Doors range from First Choice H&P, fill every requirement of a modern external door.

Whichever style you prefer whether its a classic look filled with character or a cool contemporary chic effect, you will find it here. The colour, glass and door furniture you pick will bring a dynamic personal touch to your entrance. Secure yet elegant, there are a vast range of bespoke colour options, glazing choices and door furniture. There are many design configurations to choose from too such as fixed side, head-light or single door. All manufactured and finished to the highest standards and installed by skilled glazing specialists. Sturdy and thermally efficient, these doors fulfil every need in a high performance door.


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